Sustainable Design

FitzGerald believes in a sustainable future that simultaneously focuses on building performance, occupant health, community wellness, and development leadership to achieve goals that benefit the individual occupants, the building, and the community.

As a design firm with integrated architecture, interiors, and sustainability, these three facets of a project play simultaneous and immediate roles in the development of a space, a building, or a community–and are never an afterthought.

Customized for a client’s priorities and needs, we have the knowledge and expertise to craft project outcomes that meet or exceed expectations of building performance, health and wellness, affordability of construction, and occupant satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a healthy, approvable, buildable, and marketable building.

We consider our portfolio of work to be a critical component of our own ESG mission, and we always seek to advance how we impact the wellness of our employees, our clients’ projects, and the global ecological environment.


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Charlie Saville, Principal and Director of Sustainability