Sustainable Design

FitzGerald Associates Architects has been a leader in sustainable design in Chicago for many years, beginning with recycling old, out-of-date warehouses into new, desirable loft residences. The firm expanded its sustainable design practices in 2001 when several members became Registered Energy Professionals with the City of Chicago and the firm first employed a green roof system, and again in 2004 when the firm joined the U.S. Green Building Council. With several LEED Accredited Professionals on staff, FitzGerald has designed numerous buildings for LEED certification including the Winthrop Club, designed to be Chicago land’s first LEED Gold residential high-rise.

FitzGerald works as an advocate for our clients’ sustainable goals that are developed at the onset of a project. We strive to facilitate an informed decision making process that considers:

  • Energy Conservation Goals;

FitzGerald employs a holistic and integrated design approach as we coordinate with all members of the project team. We clarify the design team and contractor roles for LEED documentation, and clearly delineate in the construction documents how to achieve compliance with the sustainable objectives.

Since 2001, FitzGerald Associates has designed numerous green roofs, utilizing both extensive and intensive green roof systems. Green roof design requires an in-depth understanding of structural systems, waterproofing systems, extensive or shallow planting systems, intensive or deep planting systems and roof tolerant plant types.

We believe that the benefits of a green roof to building operators and residents are enormous. To building operators, a green roof brings reduced cooling and heating energy consumption, lower stormwater runoff and energy tax credits; savings that frequently add up to offset the initial cost of a green roof system. For residents, neighbors and visitors, a green roof offers a more attractive-and often functional-aesthetic and respite from a typical dark asphalt and tar roofscape.