Interior Design

FitzGerald brings decades of experience to the planning and design of commercial and residential interiors, integrating architecture and infrastructure with the users’ programmatic requirements. Like our architecture, we have no preconceived design style for a project but rather respond to specific context, individual client vision and project goals. We pride ourselves on always thinking about the most appropriate and cost effective design for the project to maximize the end user experience.

From space plans and finish selections to renovations and new construction requiring complex programming, FitzGerald has created interior spaces for a spectrum of project types, from corporate headquarters and financial institutions to hospitality and multi-family residential venues. We further have provided programming services detailing users’ spatial requirements, workplace strategies, furniture, and equipment needs.

FitzGerald brings an enthusiastic, experienced team ready to uphold your needs as our client above all else, and develop ideal solutions to issues that could arise during the project process. As in all of our commissions, we provide clients with financial, functional, and aesthetic benefits from the FitzGerald team approach through:

  • Our ability to assemble a team of subconsultants vetted for a commission that maintains an outstanding working relationship with our firm. Our subconsultants demonstrate an ongoing ability to maintain the standards we and our clients demand, and we have the utmost confidence in our collective ability to deliver the best possible product.
  • Skilled facilitators of a collaborative process where a client’s participation is critical. We utilize clients’ time effectively and deliver insightful and cost-effective solutions inspired by their vision; and,
  • A Best-in-Class design team which is prepared to provide design excellence with a strict regard for technical proficiency and building usability.