Historical Research, Renovation and Adaptive Reuse

FitzGerald Associates Architects has been a leader in the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of existing buildings for decades. In fact, over the past 20 years, the firm has redeveloped several historic buildings and used historic tax credits to help fund the projects,and have nominated several buildings to the National Historic Register.
The firm’s experience extends beyond single buildings to the rejuvenation of expansive parcels with conversions that have helped to spark the revitalization of surrounding neighborhoods. Whether a rehab or an adaptation to a new use, FitzGerald will provide creative design solutions that maximize the building’s potential. FitzGerald provides quick, cost effective advice at the onset of any reuse assessment, including:

  • The suitability and adaptability of existing structures for any new use;
  • Project eligibility for Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits, tax increment financing (TIF) or other financial incentives;
  • How to incorporate sustainable design and take advantage of any available sustainable and green benefits;

When a structure has become functionally obsolete, FitzGerald Associates Architects has the skills and insight needed to inject new vitality into aging assets. We can see beyond the building as it exists today and help you maximize the property’s potential while sustainably recreating new life for an old structure.