Ravenswood Park

Sited adjacent to an active commuter rail line, The Ravenswood Park Townhomes present an interesting example of a common urban design problem: how to provide the best possible living environment at a location where the surroundings are considerably less than ideal.

In this instance, FitzGerald responded by arranging town homes in a quadrangle around a shared courtyard. This common green provides a focal point and sense of community for the residents while ensuring that each of the town homes has access to a quiet park that is shielded from the noise and visual intrusion of adjacent uses.

Ravenswood Park was selected as a prototypical example for the City of Chicago Townhouse Ordinance because it provides green space both within the project as well as on the exterior where yards facing the streets match those of the neighbors.

The 4-story townhomes have one or two car garages and 3 bedrooms. There are four different floor plans and each of the homes has access to three distinct outdoor areas including: a private yard, a balcony located off the kitchen, and a roof deck that provides dramatic skyline City views.