Gateway at Washington Park

FitzGerald has created the master plan for this site on Garfield Boulevard at Washington Park. This mixed-use, transit-oriented development was designed to capitalize on the unique proximity of multiple mass transit lines that converge at the entry to Chicago’s celebrated boulevard system. The plan anticipated future expansion of Hyde Park to the west and recognizes the tremendous potential of the Washington Park neighborhood.

Designed when the City of Chicago was in contention to host the Olympics, we regard this plan as a logistical next step in the ongoing renaissance of Chicago’s great south side boulevards long after the games were to end. Our design envisions a public plaza as the hub of a multi-faceted development anchored by significant retailers. It celebrates the importance of Garfield Boulevard as an entry into Hyde Park and the University of Chicago with two prominent ‘gateway’ towers incorporating the most current green technology to create a dynamic and sustainable vision for this strategically located neighborhood.