EcoSmart House

FitzGerald Associates Architects was able to draw on extensive experience with sustainable residential design to tailor a group of features that allows for both a highly efficient, economically responsible construction process and an attractive, efficient-to-operate home. In addition to now-standard sustainable practices including energy efficient appliances and low-flow plumbing fixtures, the home – designed to the highest possible Green Building certifications under LEED, EPA Energy Star, National Association of Home Builders and Chicago Green Home Programs—will feature a green roof, rainwater recovery system, geothermal heating, energy recovery ventilator, and advanced solar shading, advance framing techniques and ultrahigh performance windows and envelope insulation systems.

The ecoSMART house also provides an alternative to traditional stud-frame construction by utilizing a prefabricated concrete wall panel system. This system, manufactured in a controlled environment, eliminates construction waste and allows rapid envelope assembly in order to limit the impact of weather on materials.