Block Y

Block Y was the redevelopment of an obsolete block of single-story commercial buildings along Madison Street that lacked the physical arrangement to accommodate larger retailers, and a number of large, deep one- and two-story warehouse buildings that were inappropriate for rehabilitation due to a large amount of non-windowed, non-street fronted spaces.
One well maintained mill building at the west edge of the site was attractive as a candidate for loft conversion with its Chicago common brick and heavy timber construction and was retained for conversion to residential lofts.
FitzGerald replaced the outmoded interior buildings with a lush landscaped courtyard, and green relief and shading are provided throughout the site with canopy street trees. Secondary streets fronted by town homes were returned to the grid, and new construction townhomes with private yards were arranged on some open areas of the site. As much as possible, the maximum number of dwelling units were oriented toward public streets and the landscape courtyards to promote safety and link to the abundant green space.