Barneys New York

The building, which takes cues from the traditional architecture of the surrounding blocks, includes private, secure underground parking for retail employees and residents, a two-story mercantile space designed for an upscale clothing retailer, and two upscale two-bedroom apartments that feature spacious, private balconies that are incorporated into the building’s façade under large stone arches in addition to spacious decks facing the rear yard space.
This boutique building, situated on a 50 foot city lot, faced some complex issues normally reserved for much larger structures. Based on the building program and constrained site dimensions, the project team was forced to utilize basement parking to satisfy the retail parking requirements. The lot line building required the adjacent structures to be underpinned because of their relatively shallow basements. High-pressure jet grouted cylinders support the neighboring buildings and provided a one-side form while the front street and back alleyway are structurally sheeted to complete this complex basement foundation wall system which all sits on an 18” thick concrete mat slab.