Employee Spotlight: Aimée Magis, Managing Associate

Meet Aimée Magis, Managing Associate, who some might say has architecture in her blood. Her great-great-uncle started an architect and engineering firm in 1945, after returning from serving in the US Navy in WWII. Visiting his house as a child and hearing stories from her grandparents impacted her desire to be in the architecture field. Aimée feels extremely moved to carry on that architect role within her family! Aimée is a leader that knows how to bring together separate parts of her team to make projects successful.  She led Foundry, a high-rise multifamily building featuring a robust amenity offering within The Shops at Big Deahl masterplan development, through the challenges of the pandemic supply chain—and the building is on pace to be occupied ahead of schedule. Aimée’s design and construction knowledge guides elegant, thoughtful design solutions and is relied upon by her team.

Family and friends are important to Aimée, and she enjoys taking road trips with them across the country and beyond—to explore mountains, waterfalls, unmarked trails, wineries, and breweries. Gabi, her 5-year-old pup, is not much for the car ride but is a delight once they reach their destination. Additionally, Aimée finds spending time with her young niece and nephew rewarding and energizing—as they keep her youthful and on her toes.

Aimée is the true embodiment of our FitzGerald culture, fostering camaraderie and teamwork. With her infectious laugh and quick wit, she has the remarkable ability to bring levity to most situations. She is the first one to suggest an impromptu gathering for any reason, or no reason at all, and will happily provide the music.

What impactful event from her childhood shaped Aimée’s approach to life? Does she have a pet peeve, or two? Is Aimée a football fan and which football great’s name can we no longer say in her presence? Find out these answers and more in in today’s full Q&A linked below the images. We also invite you to get to know her further through her staff bio.

We took some time to get to know Aimée, and here is what we learned:

What is your go-to productivity trick?
“Caffeine + Lists, Rinse and Repeat.” 

What one story about your childhood best explains the person you are today?
“Setting: Fishing on the Salmon River, Stanley, Idaho, circa 1994.
Who: Grandpa, Brother, and Me.
What: It was a tradition to fish on the Salmon River when I was a kid every year with my grandpa. Just catching and releasing all the fish. However, when your grandfather is a risk taker and rivers = slippery rocks there is bound to be an incident. Long story short, he slipped into the water trying to get closer to the fishing hole, went under and taken with the roaring waves down river. My brother and I were traumatized, fortunately the agony was short lived. Out of the water, just one hundred yards down river, my grandfather’s arm with his fishing rod still in hand punched to the sky, as he and the fishing rod made it to shore. He would never let go of that fishing rod. Rumor has it there was a monster fish on the line too.
Bottom Line: Live life by taking some risks and if life gets too slippery always hold on tight to what means the most to you. There just might be something on the other side of the line.” 

Are you a football fan? 
“Can I say I cheer for Green Bay Packers on this social post without being shamed by Bears fans? (Please do not mention Aaron Rodgers to me.)” 

What’s something—big or small—that you’re really bad at? 
“Just one? Making coffee. I don’t drink it and I would not know the first thing to do if I had to encounter a coffee machine. Do I kick it? The filter goes where with who and with what? Also, allegedly, not watching really ‘popular’ movies that deal with Luke’s father, middle earth, and lightning bolts. I guess I am behind on a few and have been called out several times about it [Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter]. At least, I have seen one Godfather…” 

How does music figure into your life? 
“If there could just be a soundtrack playing as I navigate life like a movie, but since there’s not I love taking over music at family/friend meetups, office celebrations, TouchTunes, or just jamming to tunes sitting in traffic. Mumford and Sons + Justin Timberlake should do a collab, just for me!” 

What energizes you at work? 
“P E O P L E   Engaging with colleagues at work, and just in life, is extremely motivating and energizing to me. Understanding how everyone interacts, learns, provides feedback, engages in projects, leads, designs, communicates, etc. is how we, as humans, empathetically connect, build relationships and collaborate. It is sociology at its core and it’s very powerful.

T E A M   L E A D E R S H I P   Bringing those PEOPLE together to collaborate and lead that team of highly qualified colleagues is by far the most humbling and impactful part of what I bring to the workplace. We are in an industry where teamwork is imperative to the success of a project and fostering that teamwork, that collaboration, that camaraderie brings me the most energy! I’m not crying, you’re crying.” 

List two pet peeves
“1. Lack of Patience and empathy in humanity
2. People who do not know how to drive in rain or in sunshine. There is a visor for a reason..” 

What are your thoughts on the importance of laughter? 
Getting people to laugh uncontrollably is my goal, however, it usually turns into me laughing, to the point of crying. It is good for the soul and therefore why take life too seriously. Ask my brother as that wedding speech was a hilarious bit. 

What is the first thing you bought with your own money? 
“I don’t even know what I ate for breakfast, let alone what I threw money at when I first got a paycheck.” 

Name your guilty pleasure.
“Cheese curds.” 

What would you sing at Karaoke night? 
“What have I sung? All the Small Things, Blink 182 If I could rewind to reselect a song? Hold On, Wilson Phillips or Smooth Criminal, Michael Jackson. They both bring a certain level of dance artistry with them.