Employee Spotlight: Christian Cebrero, Associate

Meet Christian Cebrero, Associate, and Green Globes Emerging Professional (GGEP). Christian has recently been contributing to several of our mixed-use projects. He aided in the completion of design documents for The Hudson—a historic restoration and adaptive re-use of a landmark building in Chicago’s Motor Row District, helped develop the early design phases for Hemisfair—a mixed-use development in San Antonio, and worked on the renovation of an existing apartment building in downtown Chicago. Christian has a Masters of Architecture from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and is bilingual (English and Spanish.).

Away from work, Christian stays busy with his wife, young son and two dogs. Chaos ensues when his son and their dogs, a Jack Russell Terrier and a Xoloitzcuintli, play together! On the weekends you can find Christian at his son’s swim lessons and spending family time outside. A fan of pop culture, Christian looks forward to attending conventions such as C2E2 and ACen annually. Black Friday shopping has become a yearly family tradition—Christian, his wife, and any family member up to the challenge plan a day of bargain hunting. Christian and his wife love to travel and are planning some local exploration this year and to meet up with family in Texas and Florida for Christmas. Their next big trip is Japan in the spring of 2024.

What architect’s work does Christian admire? What sweet treat do Christian, and his son enjoy for breakfast? What was he originally studying before a college class changed his career path? Find out the answers to these and more in today’s Q&A below the images. We also invite you to get to know him further through his staff bio.

We took some time to get to know Christian, and here is what we learned:

Do you have a favorite architect?
“Tadao Ando is a Japanese architect and I’ve seen his work in Chicago and St Louis. I admire his minimalist style, use of natural light, concrete and texture.” 

What’s one hobby you’d like to get into?
“RC Airplanes. I always thought it’s pretty cool flying them outdoors. Also, I’d like to give golf a try and start taking lessons. 

Are you a dog person or a cat person (or neither)? 
“I am a dog person ever since I was little, we only had dogs in the house. Right now, we have an 8-year-old Jack Russell Terrier named Luffy and a 9-month-old Xoloitzcuintli named Dante.” 

What’s a work-related accomplishment that you’re really proud of? 
“I was part of the team that participated in the competition for Standard Communities’ Wicker Park apartments proposed development.” 

What trend do you hope makes a comeback? 
“I don’t really follow trends but if I would have to choose one, it would be the Harlem shake.” 

What was your first job? 
“My first job was as a dishwasher at a Mediterranean restaurant named Alhambra Palace. I believe it is still in business. I worked weekends there for about 2 years.” 

What is your favorite way to unwind after a busy day? 
“I would come home and play video games (computer), movies or TV show.” 

What’s the funniest place you’ve ever fallen asleep? 
“It was at studio during my community college days.” 

Do you have a favorite architect? 
“Tadao Ando is a Japanese architect and I’ve seen his work in Chicago and St Louis. I admire his minimalist style, use of natural light, concrete and texture.” 

Do you collect anything? 
“I am currently collecting foreign currency and LEGOs. Building LEGO figures is something my wife and I do together. And then display them.” 

What’s your favorite food item or meal? 
“Chilaquiles Verdes from Cozy Corner.” 

What led you to this career? 
I really did not intend to study architecture at all. I fell into this career by accident. I was studying criminal justice but when I transferred to a community college, I ended up taking a drafting class and had fun drafting by hand!