FitzGerald Named Fitwel Champion

What is a Fitwel Champion?

Fitwel Champions are companies that own, occupy, or manage commercial and residential properties and have committed to using Fitwel at a portfolio scale. Fitwel streamlines the process for efficient application throughout a portfolio, in order to integrate health-promoting design and operations strategies across multiple projects and a range of typologies.

Commitment to Healthy Buildings

FitzGerald designed the first Fitwel-certified multifamily project in the Midwest at 3Eleven Illinois Street in Chicago. Becoming a Fitwel Champion and training in-house Fitwel Ambassadors to support design integration throughout our projects is a key component of our commitment to designing healthy buildings. Our strategic sustainability planning services take a whole-building approach that addresses regulatory, funding, and owner requirements as well as operations and market demands.

We’re proud to become a #FitwelChampion and to integrate Fitwel Certification System’s principles into our work to help create healthy, sustainable multifamily buildings and commercial spaces!