FitzGerald Hosts Delilah, Marwen Art @ Work Intern

This summer FitzGerald hosted Delilah, an intern from Marwen‘s Art @ Work program, which connects high school juniors and seniors from under-resourced communities and schools in Chicago with internships with professional art and design organizations. Delilah is a talented artist who wanted to learn more about architecture and interior design, and over the course of five weeks, our team was excited to give her a peek into how FitzGerald works.

During the internship, we gave Delilah a hands-on experience to learn how FitzGerald operates its business; pursues work in our range of sectors across architecture, interiors, and sustainability; and delivers a design from initial client idea to final design presentation. Noting Delilah’s interest in interior design, we gave her an interior space to design for a mock client. Her creativity and ability to quickly decide on a design direction were in full force as she learned to discover her client’s needs and preferences through questions and active listening, to source materials viable for the project, create a mood board, scale drawings in plan, fully visualize her design, and present it to her client.

We enjoyed getting to know Delilah and seeing her personality, creativity, and confidence in her design instincts develop as time went on. We set her loose in our materials library to see, feel, and be inspired by a multitude of material types—and she joined the interiors team at product presentations—then we got to see her implement her favorites into her final design.

We were blown away by Delilah’s natural ability to convey her design ideas clearly and confidently in ways that supported her client’s wants and needs. We look forward to keeping in touch with Delilah and helping her journey in any way we can. Our team had a great first experience with Marwen’s Art @ Work program and hope to continue our involvement next summer!