FitzCares: Ways to Give Back

At FitzGerald, we are incredibly fortunate to be able to support our clients, teammates, and employees remotely. Last week for National Volunteer week, our FitzCares committee gathered some of the ways we’ve been helping those who could use extra support due to limited means, limited access to supplies, or a high-risk status. There are so many people out there who can be supported by volunteer or donation efforts to sustain during this time of uncertainty. We hope you consider joining us in one, if not many, of these ways to give back to the community.

If you have additional ideas for how we can use our talents, time, and resources to help others, we invite you to reach out and let us know!

Support Local

Musicians, Artists, Instructors, Educators…

Small Businesses

  • Find your local small businesses on Dining at a Distance, Yelp, or other apps; to buy product, food, gift cards, or pre-pay for services (remember to tip, and tip well if applicable.)
  • Many restaurants have staff who started GoFundMe pages set up to help employees recoup lost wages. Check out the social media channels of your favorite venues to see if they have one set up.


(Please always wear a mask covering your nose and mouth, wash-hands frequently, and clean/disinfect all items you touch. If you or anyone you take care of falls in these high-risk categories, please consider opportunities in other sections.)

Food Banks

Do Grocery Runs for Elderly, Healthcare Workers, and High-Risk Individuals

Give Blood

Donate/Make PPE


3D Printed Face Shields


Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

  • Support local individuals experiencing or facing homelessness.

Chicago Community COVID-19 Response Fund

  • Support local nonprofit organizations.

Pandemic of Love

  • Match with an individual/family in need that meets your criteria of giving.

University of Chicago

Foster/Adopt a Pet from (or Donate to) an Animal Shelter

Chicago Area Animal Shelters and Rescue