727 West Madison Grand Opening: Rising to the Opportunity

FitzGerald recently joined F&F Realty, Fifield Companies, Ares Management, and LendLease to celebrate the grand opening of 727 West Madison, the 45-story, 492-unit luxury apartment building which is now the tallest building in Chicago’s West Loop.

“Due to its stunning architecture, this development was one of the most anticipated in the West Loop and the city of Chicago, and our grand opening is a celebration of what we’ve accomplished with 727 West Madison,” said David Friedman, president of F&F Realty Ltd. “Not only have we delivered an exceptional building and the West Loop’s highest amenity space and residence, but we’ve created a gateway to the neighborhood that honors Chicago’s tradition of architectural innovation.”

Blair Kamin, in his column about 727 West Madison, says it “breaks out of the box and brightens downtown’s western edge” and “it rises to the opportunity presented by its showcase site.”Read Blair Kamin’s column on 727 West Madison, and’s recap of the Grand Opening Event