FitzGerald Hosts Idea Exchange With World Bicycle Relief

Earlier this month FitzGerald hosted World Bicycle Relief to learn about the organization’s mission and the design of their Buffalo Bicycle.

By combining philanthropic distributions with social enterprise sales, they can mobilize people in rural regions of developing countries all over the world.

Their bicycles are purpose-built for the rigors of rural Africa and represent a fascinating story of rethinking design for function and longevity first rather than every possible cost savings.

A few quick stats:

  • With a Buffalo Bicycle, student attendance increases up to 28%.

  • Community healthcare volunteers can make 45% more patient visits.

  • Dairy farmers can increase their deliveries up to 25%.

Inspired by WBR’s work and “The Power of Bicycles,” FitzGerald’s staff quickly gathered donations to financially support the production and distribution of a Buffalo Bicycle.

We’re proud of our West Loop neighbors and the impact they’re having around the world. You can learn more about their work at

L to R: Tim Blatner (FitzGerald), Mary Beth Johnson (WBR), Ayala Teitcher (FitzGerald),  Dave Neiswander (WBR), Andy Samways (WBR), Elizabeth Maier (FitzGerald), Peter Szczelina (FitzGerald).