Amenities Continue to Drive Multifamily Design

FitzGerald Principal Rick Whitney, Interior Designer Jess Ultreras, and Communications Manager Tom Fennell spoke with about the latest amenities we see going in to our multifamily projects and what’s coming next.

“It’s been like an arms race,” Rick Whitney, principal at FitzGerald Associates Architects, tells The Chicago-based firm has gathered data on the last ten multifamily projects it designed in the Chicago area, all completed since 2011, and found that amenities once “high end” are now considered standard in class A buildings. These include outdoor swimming pools, fire pits, grilling stations, media-filled lounges, billiards rooms, individual and small-group workspaces and storage lockers. The challenge for developers now is to discover “the differentiators” that will attract and retain high-paying tenants.

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