Staff News

Peter Szczelina, RA, NCARB Joins FitzGerald as Project Architect
Peter Szczelina, RA, NCARB (pictured left) has joined FitzGerald as a Project Architect. Peter returns to the firm after a three year term with GMA Architects, Inc. in Oak Brook, Illinois. He brings a strong background in urban planning and sustainable architecture. Before his time at GMA Architects, Peter spent seven years at FitzGerald working on large-scale planning and mixed-use architecture. In his new role, he will act as project manager for architectural teams tackling some of FitzGerald’s most significant projects including the new Midtown Square mixed-use development in downtown Glenview, Illinois.
Edmundo Gonzalez, RA Named Senior Architect
Edmundo Gonzalez, RA has been promoted to Senior Architect from his previous position as Project Architect. In his new role, Edmundo will continue and expand his role as a leader of the firm’s architectural teams and take on new firm management, client relations, and business development responsibilities.
Edmundo is the project manager for several of FitzGerald’s current commissions including CA3 and Midtown Square.
Mike De Rouin Gives Guest Lecture at IIT
This month, firm president Mike De Rouin, CSI, CCCA gave a guest lecture to Adjunct Professor Jack Guthman’s architecture students on the role of the planner in the entitlement process. Mike presented case studies on three of FitzGerald’s recent planned developments: Wilson Yard, Midtown Square, and Atrium Village.
The course, Planning Law and Land Policy, focuses on training future project designers to understand the ramifications and trade-offs inherent in the land-use system, especially in any attempt to achieve the best use of any parcel of land a position the most appropriate built environment.
A team put forth by FitzGerald staff was among the 30 teams selected from over 150 entries to compete in the 2013 Red Bull Flugtag, a competition to build and pilot a homemade flying machine off of a 30-foot ramp into Lake Michigan judged on distance flown, creativity of design, and showmanship.
FitzGerald’s team—dubbed “Pat’s Angels,” will be taking on the personas of four anime-style superheroes (and one archvillain) complete with Tyvec-wingsuits and pilot their craft modeled stylistically after an origami crane with “architectural design notes.”
The competition will take place on September 21, 2013 at the South Side’s Burnham Park. Hangars for final preparations open at 11 a.m. on the 21st, and the first flight will take place at 1 p.m. The event is open to the public, and we encourage all of you to visit the team before the flights begin! For more information, visit the team’s page
August Anniversaries
At FitzGerald, we are fortunate to have an expert staff with a long history in the industry and a great deal of tenure with our firm. This August, Project Architect Hak Kim completed his fifth year as a member of the FitzGerald staff. Thank you, Hak, and congratulations.