State Fire Marshal Withdraws Proposed Rules Changes to Illinois Life Safety Code

Just days after a well-attended town hall meeting, State Fire Marshal Larry Matkaitis withdrew the proposed changes to the Illinois Life Safety Code that we reported in the last edition of FitzNews.
According to a press release dated Friday, August 2, The Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal said that “the proposed rule will no longer be considered in front of the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) at this time,” and “the public hearing that was scheduled for August 6, 2013 is canceled.”
The release went on to quote Matkaitis’ call for “21st century fire safety standards” for Illinois, admitting that since beginning the recent process they “received an unprecedented amount of public input and suggestions through emails, letters, and public meetings.” He concludes: “In the course of this process, it’s become clear that any proposed state rule needs additional refinement. Therefore today I am officially withdrawing the proposed rule before the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules to take into account substantial public comment and carefully re-examine this issue.”