FitzGerald Performs Townhome Balcony Inspections, Designs Steel Replacements

FitzGerald is working with Tri-View Property & Investments to provide inspections and a replacement plan for 46 balconies at a group of townhomes in Chicago’s South Loop.
Constructed in 2006, the wooden balconies at the development had been found structurally unsound from rot, and FitzGerald was commissioned by the property manager to do a full field inspection as a second opinion. FitzGerald confirmed the initial finding, and went to work developing a replacement plan that would bring attractive, reinforced steel balconies to be supported from within the buildings’ floor structure in a style keeping with the original building design.
FitzGerald is currently working closely with residents, the owners’ association, and building management to gain the necessary approvals to proceed. Permits for the work will be sought in the next 30 days, and the phased replacements will begin and last until early 2013.