GreenCycle Wind Develops New Type of Wind Turbine, Captures Waste Wind Energy from Mechanical Equipment

FitzGerald worked closely with GreenCycle Wind founder and CEO Vince Blake as he developed a new type of wind turbine that uniquely utilizes two production sources: natural wind and, incredibly, waste wind energy from mechanical equipment. “We found your wind”, says Vince, responding to a common criticism of wind-based power generation. “This wind source is consistent and predictable—no more relying on Mother Nature for unpredictable, intermittent breeze.”
Using a cutting edge Waste Air Recovery Process (WARP), the wind turbine is unlike any other on the market. Their dual-source turbines not only provide between 500 and 4,500 watts, they have shown the ability to improve the efficiency of mechanical equipment they have been associated by increasing the airflow (CFM) and decreasing the fan motor’s operational power requirements. Because it is the use of HVAC equipment that typically causes utility peak loads, the waste wind energy our products utilize is typically available during the daylight hours when customer usage is high and utilities experience peak loads on their systems. By using this waste wind energy, our electric generators are a natural fit for real-time and time of use pricing programs as well as rates that include coincident peak demand charges that are offered by most utilities.
In addition to qualifying building owners for both a 30% Federal Tax Credit on costs and a 50% First Year Bonus Depreciation, GreenCycle Wind products can achieve or contribute to at least four LEED points: EA Credit 2 – On-Site Renewable Energy; EA Credit 5 – Green Power; EQ Credit 2 – Increased Ventilation; and ID Credit 1-1.4 – Innovation in Design.
Architects and designers from FitzGerald have met on numerous occasions with GreenCycle as designs have been developed and refined, and the firm looks forward to utilizing this distinctive technology in our clients’ sustainably-minded projects. For more information on GreenCycle’s innovations and products, visit their website.