FitzGerald Associates Hosts Seminar on Lean Construction

This month, FitzGerald Associates, in collaboration with Skender Construction, hosted a seminar on Lean Construction for our staff and guests. Focusing on the Lean Project Development System and related tools, the group explored through case studies local examples of successful implementation of lean construction principles and how their implementation achieved successful outcomes with special emphasis on construction costs and schedule.
Over time, FitzGerald Associates has been introduced to the Lean Project Development System and believes that new approaches to project delivery will continue as a growing trend in the marketplace. This seminar was an opportunity to see examples of its use in the field, and to learn more from those actively engaged in significant projects.
For additional information on the Lean Project Delivery System, visit the Lean Construction Institute at The AIA Chicago will be holding a similar event on March 22. To learn more about that event, visit