Wilson Yard Wins CNDA Outstanding Neighborhood Real Estate Project Award

This month, Wilson Yard was selected by judges for the Chicago Neighborhood Development Awards as The Outstanding For-Profit Neighborhood Real Estate Project for 2011. Representatives from FitzGerald Associates and Holsten Real Estate Development Corporation were on hand as the CNDA honored their annual award winners, which according to the website “recognize the essential role that both non-profit and for-profit developers play in building communities in Chicago-area neighborhoods.”
FitzGerald Associates congratulates Peter Holsten on this significant achievement and for his dedication to seeing Wilson Yard realized as a preeminent mixed-use development that sets the bar for all others to strive for in the future.
Speaking about Wilson Yard, the CNDA said Wilson Yard “turned a community eyesore into a lively, mixed-use complex,” and exhibited dedication and vision in light of being pitted against entrenched opposition. The organization made special note of the massive community, financing and construction coordination efforts that came together to see the project through to a successful conclusion.
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