FitzGerald Associates Designs for Chicago Neighborhood Stabilization Program

FitzGerald Associates Architects has been retained by Celadon Holdings to provide architectural services for the rehabilitation of two existing 16- and 4-unit buildings through the Federally-funded Neighborhood Stabilization Program.
The Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) , funded by Federal legislation and administered through the Department of Housing and Urban Development, seeks to acquire and rehabilitate affordable housing units in targeted areas of cities across the country. The City of Chicago has been awarded over $169 million in funding so far, and they have designated Mercy Portfolio Services to administer this initiative.
Here in Chicago, a number of neighborhoods have been designated as ‘Targeted Areas’ and developers can, through an in-depth proposal process, vie for the opportunity to redevelop these properties. Celadon Holdings has been awarded two properties in the Grand Crossing neighborhood and has selected FitzGerald Associates for these projects.
Both properties have been largely vacant for a number of years, and will undergo extensive interior renovations to place much-needed affordable housing back into service. Energy efficiency and sustainability of these renovations are primary goals for NSP, and both projects focus on improving the efficiency of the building envelopes and selection of sustainable construction and finishes that promote healthy interior environments.